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Our experienced Officers arrive early. We promise they will arrive with all the knowledge required to perform to above average standards. We don't recommend any service that you don't need; instead we create an individual solution to your security needs.  Profit is not a dirty word, but ours NEVER comes at the expense of our front-line staff. We insist on paying top dollar by industry standards. That is how we can retain so many qualified personnel. We encourage you to shop around. Knowledge is power, and constantly pushing to remain the best keeps us sharp. Here is what we can do for you!

Private Investigation Services

With over 40 years of Private Investigation experience ACSS is qualified to handle everything from Government to Personal Investigations.

 Loss Prevention

As one of the company’s areas of strength, ACSS is capable of offering nearly 25 years of practical loss prevention experience. All Officers in Loss Prevention receive unprecedented and unmatched training from one of the Maritime’s best. 

Personal Protection

One of the fastest growing and poorly represented industries, Personal Protection Agents from ACSS come fully versed in non lethal protection and control tactics. Offering services for both celebrity and business clients ACSS is the maritime leader in licensed personal protection. ACSS Agents have guarded the likes of Richard Branson, Kevin O’Leary, Gene Simmons, and many more!

Process Serving

Time is money. Especially when it comes to the serving of legal documents. ACSS offers a competitive rate and speed which cannot be matched. 

Event Security

From major sporting events to small room conferences, ACSS guards come certified in first aid, and trained in customer service. Most importantly they show up prepped and ready for your event in advance, due to our pre- event briefings. 

Building Security

Whether it is retail or private building security ACSS staff come trained in building management and property security. They can be counted on to manage all emergency situations, as well as key and access control during periods of closure. At ACSS we work 24 hours a day to ensure our client does not have to.

​Airport Security

ACSS is one of the few security companies in Atlantic Canada with experience serving airports, contact us for more information.


Knowledge is power, and at ACSS it is also our job. We offer comprehensive and extensive consultations for everything from camera placement, risk management, and fire code standards, to infiltration evaluations and room debugging. When it comes time to evaluate or upgrade your business’s security, be sure to call ACSS first! We can save you time and money!