The ACSS Promise

We GUARANTEE our services will be superior to our competition. Our goal is simple, be the best. We hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Why do we think you will love our services?

Our business thrives on customer satisfaction. Security is an industry which has become watered down, and over-saturated with sub-par options. We guarantee that we will work with our clients to develop a personalized security solution. If it isn't working, we can change it. We focus on organic security solutions, because we understand that life is complicated enough without having to force a square peg through a round hole.

No nickles, no dimes, just superior service.

We do not believe in nickling and diming our way to profit. Our company wants to earn every bit of our business. We invest heavily in our front-line and management staff to ensure we continue to be the best. Our goal is simple, to take security to the next level. We want to set the bar, so if you are not happy with our service, or it is not meeting your requirements;  call us. We can adjust to fit all needs.

did you know?

We have Officers trained in:

  • Retail Loss Prevention
  • Building Security
  • Private Investigation
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Personal Protection
  • Airport Security
  • Private & Corporate Security

  • ACSS has nearly 110 years of combined security and business industry experience.

  • ACSS can supply trained EMS and EMR officers for your event.

  • ACSS offers a retail security threat assessment to determine vital weaknesses in your retail environment.

  • ACSS has been providing top notch security in South Eastern New Brunswick since 2011.

unmatched experience

Our management team includes retired law enforcement professionals who can bring your security and protection to a whole new level.

affordable Private security services